Model Photographer Sites

This is a list of sites that can be used for models and photographers to find each other in the UK. Inclusion on this list certainly does not imply endorsement. Any of these sites can be used to find models or photographers, but you should always beware scams and maniacs. See Becoming a Model.

You can use these sites to look for photographers or models by

Model Mayhem

A long established site. Free accounts have restrictions on sending messages, to prevent them from applying to casting calls.


Very popular in the UK. Contains lots of adult content.

Free accounts are useful. They can post TFP castings, and can apply to castings.

Model Management

Does not manage models. This is a casting site aimed at models and photographers. Quite expensive. Continually pushes you to upgrade. But useful overall.


Bought out by Backstage and now has the same interface, but different content. Aimed at acting jobs primarily, but with plenty of models and "influencers". Rates doubled recently. Models must pay to apply to castings.


Aimed at acting jobs primarily. Models must pay to apply to castings.


A vanity magazine publisher. People can submit their work to magazines published by the site. It does have a large list of models and photographers but it's hard to search for them. It's quite pretty and the quality of photography in the main feed is much better than average.


A Spanish site aimed at fashion models and photographers. It works in the UK but is little used. They don't allow erotic images as they are strongly focused on fashion and art.


Formerly "MadcowModels". Used to have a lot of adult content. Now has a sister site that contains only adult content. Very few TFP castings. Mostly it's models who want to be paid.