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Photography Reviews

I had an outdoor photoshoot with Neil and his professionalism stood out from the moment we met. He made me feel incredibly comfortable in front of the camera, he is respectful in terms of outfit changes, he gave very good and clear direction and the photos turned out amazing. Truly such an enjoyable experience, even the parts in-between the shots! Would love to work with him again in the future. — Ana

I had the privilege of working with Neil for an absolutely amazing photoshoot session. Since the beginning, he was very communicative and helpful with the preparation of the photoshoot. He sent several mood boards for inspiration and helped me out picking outfits and commenting on each of them. Regarding shooting times and picking a location, he was very flexible and supportive. On the day of the shoot, Neil arrived well prepared and on time. We walked around the location to brainstorm ideas and afterwards, we started shooting. I was a bit nervous at the beginning and Neil was very patient and comforting with me. When I was a bit more calm, magic happened! Neil helped me out with several suggestions from his long-term experience and we managed to create very beautiful photographs. We enjoyed the afternoon so much that we ended up shooting for 6 hours. During the whole time, Neil was absolutely respectful, funny, and caring. The day after the shoot, he shared first thing in the morning all the pictures he took. This was absolutely amazing!! (My previous experiences with other photographers is that they only share 4-6 pictures and they take over a month to share them). Getting all the pictures from Neil was very rewarding as a model because the "bad" pictures also help us learn. I could not be more grateful with Neil for his experience, patience, respect, and sense of collaboration!! I would definitely recommend working with him!! :) — Karla

Great photographer. I had a shoot with him last week and he was very professional, flexible and creative. I love the shots he took especially the portraits. Usually I don't like my portraits but these were so pretty, so me. Highly recommend! — Cara

He is a very professional photographer, I learned a lot with him. He guided me and put me at ease throughout the shoot. It was a great experience with Neil and the photos were just beautiful. — Souha

Workshop Reviews

Neil is fantastically knowledgeable and enthusiastic about photography, and cameras, both the theory and the practicalities. He had prepared painstakingly for the first running of this programme and I thoroughly enjoyed learning from him... There was nothing we could throw at him that he didn't know! Well worth attending the next one, if you want to know how to use all those buttons on your DSLR - and why. — Simon

Not only does his work promote professionalism at its finest but also the amount of photographic knowledge he has passed on me (a film photography enthusiast) enriched my young mind. — Mariann

Learned so much and really excited to practice this technique on my own and create some fun snaps. Special thanks to Neil for your incredible patience and know-how — Andrea

Excellent. I learned so much about camera settings. Neil really knows his stuff. I am looking forward to more. — Anon

This was a great session, such a treat to be in a small group like this and really able to get stuck in asking questions and making sure that finally, I understood what the different settings were and when and how to use them. Neil was great, he was clearly very knowledgeable but pitched the session well to a group of mixed abilities. Thanks so much Neil. — Susie